Selfie basics

Learning how to take a selfie makes sense. Everyone is talking about the idea of sending hilarious pictures of yourself to friends and family. You can do it, too.

Here are the top places to post your selfie:

    4. Snapchat (371 million active users each month)
    3. Instagram (842 million active users each month)
    2. Facebook (1.1 billion active users each month)
    1. WhatsApp or text message (4 billion active users each month)

Still don’t think you can do this? You can!

Use this website to click onto Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. Or use your iPhone or Android phone to get ready to send a text message to your closest friends and family.

A selfie is a photo of yourself. You’re holding the phone or sitting in front of the computer. And all you need to do is point the camera lens at your beautiful, shimmering face. Then take a snap! You’ll have a selfie in no time.

A selfie is a noun, indicating a photograph of one or more people in which the express intention is to communicate presence of a state of mind to a general audience via social channels, such as Facebook, or via direct messaging channel such as a text message. In the modern age, the selfie is a core component of our human interaction. It helps us say who we are, how we feel, where we are, and what drinks we are drinking. The word itself, selfie, is originally a colloquialism. It originated in Australia.

This website will let you take a free selfie using your computer right now! Click on TAKE A FREE SELFIE!

You will have to send this website (take a selfie dot org) to your friends, so that they, too, know how to snap one of those sweet sneaky selfies even at the office.